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Welcome to HCI, the business development professionals who put consulting and sales skills to work for your business. Our mission is to engineer and architect a solution that is flexible, scalable, and cost effective for your business. We will work to put you first in order to find the best packaged telecom solution for your business.

     Well in this day in age it seems that the telecom and technology providers forgot

    a golden rule, "Customer Service".

    Have youre expenditrures &/or Service(S) that you pay steadily increase and there are no signs of it sloowing down? We have agents who came directl from these providers and left 

    because we all had a comment belief here at HCI, THAT WE COULD MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

    We can also look for connectivety to international countries (Japan, Korea, China, Australia, India, UK, Germany, Israel, and many more!


    Have you ever had a provider/sale(s) agent promise you that it should be

    paying a certain amount for the promised service?

    Is your Network not performing effeciently and you don’t know what to do?

    Most people/Businesses are unaware of the transition taking place in the industry.

    Well that’s where we step in! HCI Agents spend the time with our client(s) to best understand their business 

    model (short & long term) while asking questions discovery questions about the issue(s) at hand.

     HCI begins to shop for a solution objectively that is in the BEST INTEREST FOR YOU!

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    Office Moves 

    Executive Changes 

    IT Opportunities 


    Venture Capital 

    Data Center Contracts 

    New Software 

    Significant Growth 

    Contact Center Opportunities 

    IT Security Opportunities 

    News Alerts 

    Phone Contract Expirations 

    Natural Disaster 

    Desktop Support Jobs 

    Data Center Changes 

    Blacklisted Customers 

    Security Breaches 

    Slow Servers 

    Vendor Outages 

    Fiber Construction 

    Discontinued Software 

    New Building Construction 

    Private Data Centers 

    IP and Subnet Expansions 

    New Application Development

    If you are facing any of these issues, give HCI a call today! 


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